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Sweat Cover


Forget about that nasty sweat-soaked cover. Laundry day has come and gone and now it’s secretly seeping sweat into your head tube and stem.

Our cover is made from waterproof vinyl so you can do as much or as little cleanup as you want. Finish your ride and all you can think about is a shower and food? Go for it. No sweat is getting through this thing.

It even stays out of your way while you ride. All you have to do is mount it front and center the first time, adjust the sides to stay clear of your knees, and you’re good to go.

  • Protects your bike’s head tube and stem from corrosive sweat
  • Unique mount and moldable cover keeps cover out of the way
  • Durable waterproof vinyl
  • Adjustable to any bike and rider
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Sweat Cover

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Training indoors generates an absurd amount of sweat with only one place to go: down. It seeps into your stem and top-tube, corroding the metal and ruining your bike.

The Bikesaverz™ Sweat Cover deflects rather than absorbs sweat so it can’t make its way into your bike. With the unique center mount and adjustable border, you no longer have to fight for space on your handlebars and the cover stays out of your way.

This way, you can protect your bike from sweat and get on with your ride.

  • Keep the sweat off your bike
    Durable waterproof vinyl protects your bike from corrosive sweat.
  • No bulk or clutter
    Sleek and simple design complements your bike and fades into the background.
  • Keep your handlebars free for your hands
    Simple and unobtrusive front mounting means they’re all yours again.
  • Clear path for your pedal stroke
    Moldable cover means no more hitting your knees.
  • No more sweat-soaked cover
    Forget laundry day, simply wipe as needed to clean.
  • Set it and forget it
    Adjust the cover the first time you install and never again, so reinstallation takes seconds.
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