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As a husband and father of 2 who had recently upgraded to Cat 2 on the road, Bradlee found he just didn’t have the time to train outdoors. With the rise of virtual training tools like Zwift and TrainerRoad, he started riding indoors more and more, logging thousands of miles in the garage along with many others.


With no breeze to keep you cool and evaporate excess sweat, it drips, pours, and collects, working its way into the bar tape and components, corroding the metal and eventually making the bike dangerous to ride.

Bradlee was sick of the standard cloth sweat guards that claim to protect your bike when really they create additional hassle and still leak corrosive sweat into your components.

So, he set out to make an effective and simple cover that works.


After several iterations and prototypes, Bradlee created a cover that works. The unique moldable edge keeps the cover from hitting your knees, and the center mount protects the stem and head tube while also leaving the handlebars for your hands. Waterproof vinyl ensures the sweat can never find its way into the most vulnerable components at the front of the bike, no matter how much you sweat or how long it sits on the cover.

No more sneaky sweat.
No more velcro catching your kit in the wash.
No more bulky cover getting in your way.

Just you and your bike. So you can focus on the ride.

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